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TJU Delegation Visits European and American Universities and Enterprises

From November 3 to 12, 2014, a Tianjin University (TJU) delegation led by President Li Jiajun visited renowned universities and enterprises in Zurich, Sao Paulo, New York, Cincinnati and Los Angeles and held in-depth talks with their counterparts from those institutions. The visit further promoted TJU’s international exchanges and cooperation and profiled its global standing.

In Zurich, the delegation visited ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich. At the University of Zurich, President M. O. Hengartner talked about the development of the university and its emphasis on cooperation with China and other Asian countries. He hoped that more and more Chinese students could study at the University of Zurich. President Li gave a briefing on TJU’s history and its achievements in recent years. He mentioned TJU’s research results in chemistry and chemical engineering, electrical engineering, hydraulic engineering, energy and environment, and also its progress in international joint research. The two sides shared their views on creating more opportunities for exchanges between professors and students. During the meeting at the Faculty of Science, Dean Bernhard Schmid confirmed that he was looking forward to signing the MoU and Exchange Agreement with TJU as soon as possible. While at ETH Zurich, a detailed discussion was held on potential joint research projects between the professors of both sides. After the fruitful meetings, the delegation visited some laboratories of the two universities.

In Sao Paulo, the delegation visited the University of Sao Paulo, FAPESP (the Foundation for Research Support of the State of Sao Paulo) and the University of Campinas. At the University of Sao Paulo, Raul Machado Neto, Vice President International, met with the delegation and gave an overview of the recent development of the university, the largest and most renowned university in South America, and its cooperation with China. President Li also spoke about the profile and reputation of TJU. In addition, the two sides exchanged views on collaborating in the future. At FAPESP, Director Carlos Henrique De Brito Cruz talked about the funding sources and projects of FAPESP which is the only research funding agency of the State of Sao Paulo. During the meetings, President Li elaborated on TJU’s research cooperation with the University of Sao Paulo and the University of Campinas. Both parties were keen to establish long-term partnerships. While at the University of Campinas, a meeting was held to discuss cooperation on scientific research, and faculty and student exchanges.

In New York, the delegation paid a visit to Princeton University and New York University. During the discussions with representatives from Princeton University, the delegation obtained a better understanding of the university’s policies on IPR (Intellectual Property Right) transfer, patents and research management, especially the mechanisms of academic standards and conflict resolution.  In addition, the delegation learnt about the university’s great efforts in combining scientific research with the demands of enterprises and their commitment to promoting study aboard programs for students. The delegation was impressed by the Andlinger Center for Energy and Environment’s achievements in interdisciplinary research and personnel management. President Li mentioned that TJU would send professors to Princeton University for exchange experiences. Afterwards, the delegation visited some laboratories in the Department of Chemistry.

At New York University, the delegation was introduced to the Department of Chemistry‘s approach to the research development of the department and an overview of NYU Shanghai’s admissions, teaching and scientific research. In addition, further discussions were held on research cooperation and the similarities and differences between the higher education systems in China and the U.S. Afterwards, the delegation visited some laboratories of the department.

In Cincinnati, the delegation visited the technology center of Proctor & Gamble Co (P&G) and exchanged views with its senior officials. The representatives of P&G gave an introduction of their company including its history, progress through technical innovation, the concept and mechanism of the company’s development through internal research and development and external cooperation on research and innovation. In addition, they emphasized that P&G attached importance to interdisciplinary collaboration with academia. It shared practices in cooperative projects in different fields and targets at the establishment of joint research platforms. President Li also elaborated on TJU’s disciplinary advantages and its experiences in cooperation with enterprises.  Discussions on further cooperation were also held.

The delegation also visited the University of Southern California and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) while in U.S. UCLA’s President Gene Block and Vice Provost Robin Carrell warmly welcomed the delegation. During the meeting, the two sides talked about their respective universities and had in-depth discussions on the significance of academic freedom and devolution of administrative power to the progress of the university. They also expressed their expectations for further communication and substantial cooperation. While at the University of Southern California, discussions were held on further cooperation. In addition, the delegation visited some laboratories of the university.

With a well-organized schedule, the 10-day visit was fruitful and significant for TJU to establish strategic partnerships and to promote cooperation with internationally recognized institutions.

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