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TJU Delegation Visits Europe and Hong Kong

On September 6, a TJU delegation led by President Zhong Denghua visited the Nante Central Institute of Technology in France, where they received a warm welcome from the Institute.

After an in-depth discussion about cooperation on education and research, TJU President Zhong Denghua and President Armel de la Bourdonnaye of the Nante Central Institute of Technology signed agreements on Dual Master Programs between Tianjin University and Nante Central Institute of Technology. The TJU delegation also visited some laboratories of the institute as well as some TJU students studying there.

On September 8, the TJU delegation visited the University of Twente in Netherlands where the two universities exchanged introductions and signed an agreement on student exchange. The TJU delegation was impressed by the advanced model of management of the University of Twente.

On September 11, the delegation visited the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (UST). The two universities agreed to further cooperation on major national-level projects and reached consensus in terms of student exchange and educational cooperation. The humanized design of UST’s library made a profound impression upon the delegation.

In Hong Kong, the delegation also visited TJU alumni there, who were delighted by TJU’s progress in recent years and offered valuable advice on university development. Cordial thanks were given to those who had made remarkable contributions to TJU.

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