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Meeting of the Editorial Board of Energy and AI Held in Tianjin University

On January 10, the first meeting of the editorial board of Energy and AI was held in Tianjin University. The editorial board is composed of more than 20 well-respected experts and scholars from domestic and overseas institutions. Relevant representatives from Elsevier publishing house and Tianjin University also attended the meeting. Jin Donghan, President of Tianjin University, attended the meeting as editor in chief and delivered a speech.

President Jin Donghan said that in recent years, Tianjin University attached great importance to basic research, core technology research, cooperation with well-known enterprises, as well as the development of world leading academic journals. He especially extended thanks to Elsevier company, State Key Laboratory of Engines and all members of the editorial board for their strong support for the establishment of Energy and AI. He hoped that in the future, they could jointly promote the journal in becoming a world-class journal and make greater contributions to the development of energy and artificial intelligence.

Ms. Deborah Logan, Publishing Director for Elsevier's Energy and Earth journal's program stressed the importance of the first year of journal’s establishment. She suggested that in the work afterwards, efforts should be made on the journal’s operation efficiency and publicity, to enhance the influence of the journal in the academic field so as to lay a solid foundation for its future development.

Raffaella Ocone, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Heriot-Watt University and UK Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering said it was “a great honor to be employed as editor of the journal and to visit Tianjin University”. She pointed out that the application of artificial intelligence technology is everywhere, and the development of clean energy will change the climate and ecological environment. The combination of the two will have a profound impact on the development of human society. In the future, it is hoped that the experts of the editorial board can provide suggestions from different perspectives for the development of other disciplines and journals.

During the meeting, president Jin Donghan and Ms. Deborah Logan jointly unveiled the plaque of the journal, and respectively issued letters of appointment to three editors and 19 editorial board members.

The international academic journal Energy and AI was founded by the State Key Laboratory of Engines and Elsevier. It is committed to providing an authoritative academic exchange and publishing platform to disseminate and promote the latest progress in the application of artificial intelligence in the field of energy. Professor Rafaela Ocone, academician of the Royal Academy of engineering, Professor Jiao Kui of Tianjin University and Professor Jin Xuan of Loughborough University acted as editor.

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