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Delegation from Winterthur Engine Company Visits Tianjin University

On October 21, Mr. Klaus Heim, former President of the International Internal Combustion Engine Society (CIMAC) and CEO of WinGD motor Company (WinGD) led a delegation to visit the School of Chemical Engineering. President Jin Donghan of Tianjin University met and talked with the guests on behalf of the university.

Jin Donghan first extended a warm welcome to the guests. He said that after years of working with Klaus Heim at the International Internal Combustion Engine Institute, it was a great pleasure to meet him at Tianjin University. “Our University attaches great importance to the partnership with WinGD. As the world’s leading representative in the field of Internal Combustion Engines, WinGD boasts strong expertise in related industries,” President Jin said, adding that Tianjin University has a profound scientific research foundation in the field of internal combustion engine and has trained a large number of outstanding talents. He hoped that both sides would take this opportunity to deepen cooperation in teaching, scientific research and transformation of scientific and technological achievements and actively build a strategic cooperative partnership.


Mr. Klaus Heim said he was very glad to visit Tianjin university. He introduced that WinGD company had become the world's largest shipbuilding group. “We expect to deepen our cooperation with Tianjin University in the field of internal combustion engine, especially in the design and development of Marine low-speed aircraft,” said Mr. Klaus Heim.

During the meeting, the delegation had an in-depth exchange of views with professors and scholars from the School of Mechanical Engineering in terms of Marine diesel-methanol dual-fuel engine, internal combustion power and vehicle intelligent technology, and Marine low-speed engine research and development technology. The two sides mapped out the direction of future cooperation and reached a preliminary consensus on future cooperation in the field of large engines, especially low-speed two-stroke diesel and gas Marine engines.

The delegation also visited the State Key Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engine, Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute and the university history museum.

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