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The Office of International Cooperation (OIC) is the first contact for international relations at Tianjin University (TJU) on university level. OIC is committed to facilitating the cooperation and exchange between TJU and overseas partners to develop collaboration on education, research and to enhance TJU’s global standing.

The office is now home to four sections to better serve TJU people and visitors. They are the Section of International Exchange, the Section of Visiting Scholars, the Section of Dispatch and the Section of Program Administration. The general responsibilities of the four sections are as follows.

The Section of International Exchange is responsible for facilitating international communication and promoting cooperation and exchanges with universities and organizations from across the globe. The specific responsibilities are as follows.
  To establish relations of TJU with overseas universities, institutions and multinational corporations, including the signing of agreements or MoUs on university level;
  To coordinate discussions and negotiations on international cooperation programs on university level, and supervise the implementation of those programs;
  To cooperate with overseas partners on the inbound & outbound student programs, including the exchange program, visiting student program, short-term training program, etc.
  To coordinate international visits to and from TJU and provide necessary services to these visits, like interpretation;
  To help organize the international and academic conferences hosted by TJU;
  To maintain the OIC website;
  To design and compile TJU English brochure, folder and other necessary English materials 

The Section of Visiting Scholars is committed to better serving our international experts and scholars so that they can better facilitate our effort in internationalizing our education, research and social service and to enhance our global standing. The specific responsibilities include the followings.
  To facilitate the implementation of the international intellectual programs;
  To streamline the job application and recruitment process of foreign language teachers;
  To help coordinate the immigration paperwork of international scholars and accommodation on campus;
  To deal with scholarships and donations offered by overseas institutions and individuals;
  To officially invite international scholars for short-term or long-term stays for academic purpose or official visits;
  To coordinate the conferring of honorary professorship and guest professorship;
  To manage and handle matters related to international scholars

The Section of Dispatch focuses on helping with all the paperwork of internal students, staff and faculty members to go abroad.
  To comply with guidelines, policies and regulations on national, ministerial, municipal and university levels to serve the internal need of going abroad or visiting Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan;
  To administer applications in TJU for scholarships from the China Scholarship Programs and other bilateral or multi-lateral exchange scholarship programs;
  To manage all the dispatch procedures for CSC-sponsored scholars;
  To examine and approve the expenditure related to foreign currency

The Section of Program Administration is responsible for the following.
  To manage and facilitate the application and implementation of China Scholarship Council (CSC) Scholarship Programs for students;
  To assist the promotion and establishment of Chinese language and culture programs, for example, the Confucius Institutes overseas;
  To coordinate the establishment and management of the joint educational programs with overseas institution;
  To coordinate international research collaboration programs with international partners 

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